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Raine Dragon
30 August 2013 @ 03:33 pm

Lately I've been noticing a disturbing influx of bears in lolita. As we all know, bears have quite the reputation for being terrible hosts to young women with long, curly fair hair, and quite a few lolita wear long, curly fair hair, so I feel that it's truly an alarming situation.

For many years, that devious bear usakumya has been sneaking into lolita fashion in the guise of a mild mannered rabbit.
(Look at those eyes! Are those the eyes of a friendly bunny? I think not!)

Endearing himself to Baby the Stars Shine bright to the point where they made a print which they named Friend Usakumya.


But how friendly are these bears really? Looking closely, we see that these bears are wearing dresses. Lolita dresses even. Who wears lolita dresses? Why lolita do! Do bears? No, bears wear fur. So, naturally, one must wonder... what did these bears to do the lolita who's dresses they are wearing? And why does baby have to tell us that the bear is a friend. Is it perhaps... because the bear isn't a friend

And you know who those bears certainly aren't a friend to? Bees. Look at these bears. Stealing honey from Bees and wasting it by spilling it all about. How are those bees supposed to feed their families? How will they survive? And you know who needs bees? Flowers. Who puts flowers on their dresses and in their hair? Lolita.


Quite recently, Misako had a teaparty, in which a bear snuck up on her while she was sipping her tea, like a good host, she invites the bear to join her.

Next thing you know, Misako is traveling to Canada. You know what they have in Canada? That's right. Bears.

And just last night Angelic Pretty released their Muse Du Chocolat. What's on the print? A bear. What are the accessories? Bears. When they started publicizing this print, they had a bunch of models wearing the pieces. Last night on their blog, their only model was a bear. Look at that sly face. Where is the human model, Mr. Bear? Where did she go?

9274_large bear bear2

And those bear accessories, looking all innocent. What are they doing? Wearing sashes. Who just, for the first time ever started releasing sashes? AP. Coincidence? I think not. These bears have invaded our fashion and are influencing our top designers.


Where will it end? When will it stop? What is their agenda? What will the bears invade next? How can we protect ourselves from falling victim to this sweeping phenomenon?

...and for those of you they have already gotten, so you needn't feel left out: what's your favorite bear themed item?

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Raine Dragon
24 September 2011 @ 02:51 am
Product Name Oddment Items Lucky Pack A
Product Number 113005
Price ¥52,500
Expected deliver date Early October 2011


Because I'm exhausted, from left to right:
1. Sleeve Ribbon Knit Pullover - Cream with a couple minor little snags (name unknown)
2. Strawberry Bolero (name unknown)
3. Black x White x Grey OTK Socks (name unknown)
4. Fraicheur Necklace
5. White umbrella with a border of black polka dots and tons of tiny pink satin ribbon bows in the center (name unknown)
6. Tulle Lace Sock Toppers - Black- Elastic in one is broken
7. Sailor Collar Pullover - beige
8. Stripe Jacquard Bustle Jumperskirt - Navy (The colors are much more muted; it doesn't look vivid purple like this)
9. Classical Arm Covers - Brown
10. Dita Headbow
11. damage to Dita headbow.
12. Lily Emblem Lace Blouse - BLACK, Size large
13. Rose Lace Ribbon Blouse - Beige×Chocolat, M
14. Athena Blouse - White, Size Small
15. Versailles Rose Head Dress - Chocolat×Cafe au Lait
16. Tochon Lace Socks - White
17. Annette Knee Socks Red x White
18. Flower Ribbon Cutsew - Pink
19. Beatrice JSK - Beige
20. Museum Bear JSK - Sax
21. Little Lady headbow
22. Luna Stripe Jumperskirt - Pink×Bordeaux
23. Roman Trump Jumperskirt - Green×Chocolat (short)
24. Roman Trump Onepiece - Chocolat×Pink
25. Viennese Waltz Scallop Jumperskirt - Cafe au Lait ≪Long≫

Sorry about just smooshing the two tops in the photos I took. I set up my little box for photos because it was late at night and there wasn't enough room and the lamp kept falling over so I was arranging them one handed. Also, the sheet is clean; I was using it for photography the other day and just threw it in my box when I was done so it got all wrinkled. XD oops.

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Raine Dragon
05 July 2011 @ 10:10 pm

I bought the Summer 2011 Innocent World Lucky Pack A: (¥52,500 version) and here is what I got...

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Raine Dragon
My IW Earthquake/Tsunami Charity Lucky Pack A & B came in!

I bought both the A and B pack in White/Large. (I really wanted a white blouse that fit and I figured that I had a better chance if I got two XD )

Unfortunately, I opened them together, so I don't remember which blouse went with which (I'm sorry >.<;;;)

Two Blice (one from each)
(which obviously is the plural of blouse.)
I love them both, and they both fit well (though the tops of the detachable sleeve part of the detachable sleeves one is kind of tight. @_@

Tulle Lace Removable Sleeve Blouse - White

and this lovely long-sleeved one with tulle lace and pin tucks that I do not know the name of.
White (unknown) blouse

JSK Pack:
Classical Chair JSK with Cape (long)

I'm not sure if I'm measuring this wrong or not, but flat measurements are:
bust: 43 (86)
waist: 36 (72)

that would make this the medium, which is supposed to have a 90cm bust... but again, maybe I measured wrong? @_@ Either way, it doesn't fit me, so I'll probably sell/trade it.

OVER THE KNEE SOCKS! omg, I saw these and I started skipping and singing 'over the knee, over the knee" not even joking, I totally did. XD I like over the knee socks better than knee socks... and these are pretty neutral so they should be fairly versatile...

Skirt Pack:
Little Lady Skirt - Long (Blue)

I was late to the game (I forgot about the packs and bought them the next morning D=) so white and pink were the only options. I was really, really hoping I might luck out and get something darker (and I did need a white blouse) but I didn't... and I really didn't want another pastel skirt. So I'll probably sell/trade this as well.

and the matching socks..
Raine Dragon
This was my first time ordering anything from Japonica, but because it was requested, here is a quick 'how I ordered' guide (it's actually pretty simple :3 )

I'm putting it in a journal entry and not a comment so it will get snapped up by google for anyone else that is ever wondering.

Step one: Go to the Angelic Pretty Japanese Webshop: http://www.angelicpretty.com/shopping/
Step two: find items you like, and add them to your cart. If you don't read japanese, try out the google chrome browser, it will do on-page translations. Sometimes it fritzes out though and doesn't translate a page when it says it. right-click and choose 'translate to english' if that happens. also, don't set it to auto-translate, it gets confused much more often doing that.

As you find items you like, you want to keep one tab with your cart open (leave them in the cart, even though you won't BUY them on the webshop site) and one tab with the item listing open.

Step three: Once you have everything you want together, open your e-mail in another tab, or your e-mail program. Start a new e-mail to the japonica e-mail. At the time of posting, it is: order@japonicamarket.com but check here: http://www.japonicamarket.com/order-form.htm

They have an auction order form there, but I used a modified version of it for the webshop.

I wrote an intro paragraph explaining where I wanted to buy from, and then:
[ Shopping Order Form ]

Seller ID : Angelic Pretty Japanese Webshop - http://www.angelicpretty.com
Item Name : (Copy and paste the japanese name here. you can translate the page, find where it is, then revert it back to japanese and copy-paste)
Item Name English: (Copy this from a translated version of the shopping cart page so it has the color!)
Item Number: (copy this from the shopping cart page, because it has the color)
Item URL : (the URL of the page that has the item)
Price : (I listed the one that showed in the shopping cart)
Color: (I copied the color from the japanese version AND the english version.)

I posted a block of the information, seller and all, for each item I wanted.

Seller ID : Angelic Pretty Japanese Webshop - http://www.angelicpretty.com
Item Name : おめかしジャボジャンパースカート
Item Name English: [SALE] Jabojanpasukato dressed (Lavender × White)
Item Number: 102J7-2538-lv
Item URL : http://www.angelicpretty.com/shopping/item/sale/item/jsk/102j7-2538/sale_102j7-2538.htm
Price : 11,400 yen
Color: ☆ラベンダー×シロ (☆ × white lavender)

After all your items add this form:
Payment : ( Credit Card/Bank through PayPal ) / ( Funds in PayPal Balance )
Shipping Options : EMS / Registered Airmail
PayPal Account :
PayPal Confirmed Shipping Name and Address :

Send the e-mail, and you will get a reply

Note: if you have money in your paypal account, and pay with it, it's MUCH cheaper than paying by creditcard through paypal, but it takes days to add from your bank account to paypal, so it pretty much has to be there already, because japonica won't buy until you pay them.

fees are here: http://www.japonicamarket.com/commission.htm
and here: http://www.japonicamarket.com/estimate-angelic-pretty.htm
Raine Dragon
31 December 2010 @ 12:24 am
I love my busy little postmen <3

I got the 15000yen 'dark' colored JSK pack.

I arrived in a big pink mailing bag, and inside was a pink meta shopping bag sealed with a big rectangular meta logo sticker. (I was too excited to take pictures!)

I got the pink bling bag:

a beautiful floaty black blouse with a neck tie that I promptly got makeup on .__.' (item # 1-1004024-0000)
a black, high-waisted JSK with full shiring, and a little bit of white lace around the hem, neckline and the edges of the straps. (Item #  -   - )

oddly enough, it's the dress on the left. just in black. which makes me kind of sad
because I really like the right-hand-side one! >...<

I got a black hair barrette (again, same as the one on the right-side model)
And a necklace (Item # -   -). The necklace is a silver chain with little black beads every 2 links (it's done with those eye-pins, not chain links.) and.. it just broke o_____O ok.. a little patience and some jewelry tools and we are back together.
It's a big back heart (plastic) with two meta swans painted on in silver. Then it connects up to the chain; this connection is... not so great. maybe add a dab of clear nail polish or glue at the part where the metal connector is closed? above that is a heart-shaped bead in a dark smokey purple, a little of the pretty bead-and-chain then a large faceted purple bead, a black hear, and another purple faceted one. I's quite pretty, I think.

Raine Dragon
07 November 2010 @ 02:35 am
I just got a reminder from a friend that I have a journal, so here is my whirl-wind entry. I believe I got a junior web developer position! I'm so excited to start. I'll be working in annapolis, which is such a pretty city. I'm so excited! I've been browsing apartment listings lately, and looking for new clothes! ^_^ So much to do @_@
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Raine Dragon
19 October 2010 @ 05:08 pm
I slept nearly all day yesterday and all night last night o___o; and after 18 hours (gah @_@) of sleep, I'm finally functioning again. Granted, I had the oddest dream about hiding dresses, but that is beside the point. >.>

Off to work for the evening I guess! I got a parcel in the mail today and I started to get excited before I realized it was tiny. Just a paperback book I ordered last week. XD;; and I guess I should curb my enthusiasm about the mail, as I have 2 or 3 more similar packages, as they split my book order. Not that I'm unhappy about my books, mind you, I'm quite joyful. However, they aren't my innocent world Halloween lucky pack, which has it's own level of joy bundled up with it...and a vague date of 'the end of october'. XD;
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Raine Dragon
13 October 2010 @ 09:16 pm
Whew! Had a really long day at work today, which was even longer because the computer system cut out and I had to do all the functions for the scheduling system by hand to figure out the number of people to put on the schedule at each time next week, but I think it's close enough... Plus there are enough people that it evens out... and as an added bonus the computer system was back online in time to enter the schedule before I went home.

I spent lastnight working on some art for Celainia. I'm so rusty; I've not done any clothing design art work in months. But, it came out alright. Not as good as some of the amazing artists I'm working with right now, but it's not too hideous to use... at least I don't think. XD

I need to do some fresh-eye touch ups, and then it's on to coding. Hope to get a good chunk of stuff knocked out tonight! ^_^
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